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Create your Culture of Innovation

STUDIO.WHY offers a wide range of activities to contribute to your culture of Innovation. We offer our services via several studios around the globe. 

  • Events & Experiences to generate energy, ignite ideas and spot who are the ones who are most likely to be a front runner.
  • Training to boost the participants with knowledge, mindsets and experience to fulfill the first projects. Also, leadership will be involved and trained on their changing role.
  • Workshops to practice certain skills or work on a certain topic, like Creative Sketching or LEGO® Serious Play
  • Sprints to execute the lessons learned and put this in practice, involving more colleagues and let the mindset spread like a positive virus.
  • Programs to design and execute a tailored made innovation expedition for your organization.
  • Coaching to support the Innovation Coaches in the organization and support the process of selecting the best combination of teammates.

Tailor made and open registration

The crews at our studios would be more than happy to support you on your challenge. Besides tailor made programs we also offer courses and events for open registration.  At the websites of our local studio’s you will also find our offerings tailored for local circumstances as well as in various languages: Dutch, English, German and Spanish.


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