STUDIO.WHY Certificates

STUDIO.WHY provides certificates to participants based on participation as well as on achievement. After gaining your first experiences you start to collect STUDIO.WHY Points. By adding more points to your resume, you move on to the next level. In the end you can become a STUDIO.WHY Expert.

Get your first learning experience!

Usually the first steps are taken by a first learning experience in one of these categories:

Fundamentals – a first introduction through a webinar. It takes just one hour to learn a lot and explore if you would like to learn and experience more. Also you can join a workshop, like LEGO® Serious Play®. For your participation you don’t earn points yet and you will not receive a certificate.

Experiences – we believe that you learn most from your own experience. You can join a learning Experience like the Innovation Games, Food Battle or a Sprint. You will receive a certificate of participation.

Now start your personal expedition!

Embrace change, embrace uncertainty! Start your personal expedition and decide how far you want to develop. After each stage mentioned below you will get an official certificate via our blockchain to emphasize your achievements. In each stage you will collect 40 points to complete that level. You will find the amount of points to be collected in each individual training and activity on this website.

After completing the first stage you will become a STUDIO.WHY Innovator. You have sound base knowledge about STUDIO.WHY Design Thinking.

We lay the foundation with various options to collect you needed 40 points. You can join the STUDIO.HY Design Thinking Base Training and collect you 40 points. This is a 4-day training. As an alternative you can enter the certification program when you have completed a different course on Design Thinking like the Forth Method. Usually you need some additional point to complete this first stage. Please contact us so we can support you on this.

After completion of the second phase you will become a STUDIO.WHY Facilitator. You have further advanced on various aspects important to be a facilitator.

In this stage you develop as a facilitator and coach. You take part in additional training and gain further experience as a facilitator. You will collect additional 40 points through training op empathy, creativity, validation and/or process design. Also you can focus on coaching. You don’t have to work on all these items, just choose those that suit you best and offer enough points to fulfill this stage.

You complete the final stage and become a STUDIO.WHY Expert. You have shown that you have full understanding and experience to design and lead programs.

At this stage you especially work on gaining more experience and confidence to coach and facilitate others.

You have completed a course regarding process design, have been active as a side kick of an existing STUDIO.WHY Expert, facilitated your own session(s) and designed & led your own project.

Through these activities you have collected additional 40 points and have now at least 120 points in total.