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Cultivating entrepreneurial behavioral patterns within organizations

Would you like to understand the culture of your team, align your values and grow an innovation mindset? Look no further, you have found your partner. STUDIO.WHY offers various forms of coaching and facilitation interventions. We are experts in cultivating entrepreneurial behavioral patterns, better known as habits, within organizations.

We as STUDIO.WHY have partnered with Shadowmatch to better understand our costumer’s current culture of innovation. Shadowmatch is an enabler to organize innovation team(s). We highly recommend for you to utilize our partnership in setting up your teams and optimize your chances for success. Our offering includes:

  1. Team analysis: defining the culture within your organisation through our team analysis and workforce optimization system. We can also identify and advise you on key areas for personal growth and development among your team.
  2. Group Coaching: our team of certified Shadowmatch Coaches can activate and/or coach various structured “personal development programs” with your team.
  3. Individual Coaching: you are also more than welcome to activate personal one-on-one sessions with selected team members, based on a specific need and/or criteria.
 Our structured programs include:
  • Personal development programs
  • Personalized fulfillment coaching
  • Optimal Career coaching and alignment
  • Design Thinking methods
These programs iterates the micro-actions to be taken by your team, ensuring the absorption and implementation of your innovation-effort. Now we can measure the cultural growth of an organization scientifically.
“The atmosphere and energy of this training made us embrace the partnership we will grow stronger together”
Chamin Hardeman,
This approach helps us set our strategy as a team.
Nationale Nederlanden, Insurance Management,
“Innovation beyond the borders of schools in Gelderland, thanks to STUDIO.WHY!”
Liesbeth van Laar,


Besides our offering for open registration you can benefit from our coaching via a tailor made program.
Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help you and explore what approach suits you best!

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