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Benjo van den Boogaard

Benjo van den Boogaard

Product & Market Development

STUDIO.WHY International

“We will either find a way or create one!” – Hanibal

Change is all around. What ‘makes’ or ‘breaks’ in this new society is whether you are capable to continually rethink and reinvent, as fast as the world is changing around you. That’s why creativity and entrepreneurship has moved to centre stage everyones life.

“To build a sustainable future, I believe organizations should transform into dynamic cultures. As an entrepreneur I am a pioneer in transformational thinking. By training and coaching in entrepreneurship and personal leadership, it’s my ambition to make sure that talents with potential will find their way in society of today.”



Before founding STUDIO.WHY, Benjo started two tech companies and joined three others. At the same time he shared his innovation and startup knowledge and experience with corporate companies like British Telecom, Vodafone, Sanoma, SAP.



Benjo holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering form the HAN applied university, a master’s degree in Marketing from the TiasNimbas Business School Tilburg University and he was introduced in the methods of Design Thinking at Stanford University.

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“If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.”

- Benjo van den Boogaard