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Cheryl Benadie

Cheryl Benadie

Coach and Facilitator

STUDIO.WHY South Africa

This iconoclastic, first-generation professional has navigated 14 job titles, eight industries and three careers over a 22-year period, so she is well versed in the constant need to reinvent oneself to meet the changing demands of the working world.
As The Wholeness Guide, Cheryl Benadie’s mission in life is to support professionals to embrace wholeness to be truly future fit. When she isn’t thinking about all the books she still wants to write, Cheryl enjoys discount shopping, great sushi and binge watching cooking competitions. She lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband Christiaan and their daughter Zoe.

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+27 737 589 996

Who we are in our personal lives shows up in our professional lives. There is a power that comes from wholeness, creating alignment in the areas of relationships, career and finances.

- Cheryl Benadie