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Michiel Bloemendaal

Michiel Bloemendaal

Coach and Facilitator

STUDIO.WHY The Netherlands

“Hi my name is Michiel. I want to help people in having the feeling that they will always be of added value to a world that is constantly changing. People that, all of the sudden, became a problem owner of a complex problem. I want to help them understand the approach of a problem solving process. And I want to help them design and facilitate work sessions, where there participants get to concrete results. People say that I am a well thought through person in my approach and have a personal way of collaborating. Despite the fact that my work feels like a hobby, I love to paint, cook, take my dog Japie for walks and spent time with my girlfriend Marijke! Ow and by the way… people around me call me Migga. Don’t really know why, to be honest.”

Contact Details

+31 6 398 82 658

“Show, don’t tell”

- Michiel Bloemendaal