Culture of Innovation

An entrepreneurial mindset is key!

Innovative organizations are always on the move. They can not afford to sit back and leave everything as it was. Saying: “It’s business as usual, we have been doing it this way for the past 20 years”, just isn’t going to work anymore. By following the status quo, many organizational cultures run an undesirable risk of becoming obsolete. Outdated and ingrained routines keep people from innovating.

The ability of an organization to innovate leans solely on the organizational culture. A culture that encourages personal initiative, risk and decision making, and acceptance of failure. To create this culture of innovation, organizations need a new form of leadership and mindset.

Our Culture of Innovation programs offer disruptive opportunities to change your organizational culture and at the same time generate new products and/or services for your day to day business. Our STUDIO.WHY Design Thinking methodology empowers people to collaboratively recognize valuable opportunities and create this with sustainable impact.

Over the last decades most organizations have been focusing on their operational excellence. As market circumstances change rapidly because of technology, society, ecology and politics, organizations have to adapt and adopt a different mindset. A entrepreneurial mindset, one that can spot opportunities, transform them into value for others and inspire and activate others to realize this value. By doing so, the organization will stay relevant to end-users and will never be out of business.

Focus should shift from short term to long term, while finding a new balance between business factors and human factors. A shift from operational excellence to innovation excellence.

Successful organizations find a balance between business and human focus. In this development they facilitate the transformation, first with a focus on training and secondly on developing innovative solutions.

When starting with the innovators and early adopters, and then moving towards the early majority, success is obtained. This demands strong leadership, stimulating experiments and keeping in mind that culture of innovation isn’t build overnight. Do not expect short term results, embrace lessons learned along the way and be curious to find new solutions. Only then you will feed this new mindset.