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September 17, 2022, 10.00 AM CEST

This is a program for seven days in a row.

Saint Girons Plage, FRANCE

Our Silent Leadership Vision Quest is an experiential outdoor program for future leaders who want to become familiar with the dynamics of change and how to position yourself into it.

The objective of the program is to help to discover your true purpose, to remove the blockages that prevent you from achieving your goals and to unlock your hidden potential.

As future leaders, we need:

  • a strong vision as our guide
  • a soft-skill-set to guide with personal style
  • an empathic connection with the people we work with
  • authenticity and self confidence
  • silent time to reflect and rethink

With our 1-week, immersive journey, we will bring you back to your ‘silent why’ and make you reflect on it in order to finally lead both your private and professional life with purpose.

Only when you really know yourself, then you can lead yourself and others! 

For who

This program is designed for future leaders ready to make the next step in his/her life on a professional or personal level.

  • Who is willing to open up, discover and share.
  • Who is seeking a challenging and immersive learning experience.
  • Who is willing to join a global, diverse community of like-spirited individuals.

There is no specific fitness level experience required. 

What you will learn

Angle of Approach

CENTRE: In order to create a better future, we must first know our past. We must understand what has shaped us, what triggers us and what we dream about. Once we embrace our story, we can place it in the bigger picture of the world and rewrite our narrative.

  • Self-awareness as a tool for great leadership
  • Understanding your passion and purpose
  • Building resilience and mental well-being
  • Reactive mindsets: what are they and how can we work with them?
  • Understand your fears and find the courage to challenge them 


CONNECT: No leader can single-handedly change the world. To achieve your goals, you will need to build a strong community to enrich your perspective and tap into your full creative potential. Connected and committed teams can better harness the ability to make real change.

  • Building trust and psychological safety in your teams
  • Mastering deep listening and radical empathy
  • Embracing diversity and polarities
  • Creating inclusive cultures that enhance creativity
  • Leading in complexity
  • Learning to coach others 

The price is all inclusive, but without travel expense to the location.


The investment to participate is € 2775- excl VAT per person

Join our program

Please contact us if you have a question

Benjo van den Boogaard

+31 6 456 40 770


Collect you certificates as you make progress along your learning expedition. Move over from one stage to another and in the end become a well experienced facilitator on STUDIO.WHY Design Thinking and train others as well!

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