The Food Battle

A 3-Day innovation event for your employees to help tackle complex day-to-day challenges faced by the Food Industry.

Innovate the Food Industry

We are planning a business trip to Florida at the end of May 2022. For this trip we schedule various meetings, workshops and training sessions for organizations in Florida. We would love to meet you too!

STUDIO.WHY, originated in the Netherlands, helps clients across the globe to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. We let you experience how you create value for your clients or end users and increase the ability of your organization to solve complex challenges.

How may we help you?

We can facilitate a workshop, a training or a serious game for your employees and/or leadership team, like:

  • serious game, to experience STUDIO.WHY Design Thinking on how to create real value for clients
  • training on empathy, brainstorming and/or validation
  • sprint to work on an actual challenge of your organization
  • workshop on strategy, team building or problem solving, based on LEGO® Serious Play®

What else can we do?

STUDIO.WHY is keen on organizing and executing live events through the delivery of experiences, both on site as well as remote. We have facilitated groups of 1,000 people
  • A first deep dive into STUDIO.WHY Design Thinking;
  • Inspiration for new business;
  • Experience multiple creative working techniques;
  • Work with online innovation tools;
  • Intellectual property of the concepts;
  • Innovative solutions for complex challenges in you industry.

We would love to meet you!

How may we help you? Feel free to schedule a call so we can explore what we can do for you. No strings attached!

We should invite STUDIO.WHY to the global meeting in Florida, so other regions can benefit from this great workshop too.
Staff member IAAPA EMEA,
My colleagues were amazed about my energy levels at the end of the year. I believe it came from 3 days of Food Battle at STUDIO.WHY!
Marianna Kanakidi (Kraft Heinz Company), participant Food Battle ,
The articulation of the challenge is the foundation for a successful innovation project.
Dutch ministry of Justice & Security,
“Getting a maximum effect for children in the neighborhood with as little effort and as little cost as possible.” This is what we strived for and where we have now taken the first steps thanks to STUDIO.WHY Design Thinking
Brenda van de Vendel (Juul school), participant in the STUDIO.WHY Sprint.,
“If you are experienced in innovation projects, this training is a big enrichment.”
Innovation Coach,
“The atmosphere and energy of this training made us embrace the partnership we will grow stronger together”
Chamin Hardeman,