Upskill yourself

Facilitate innovative projects and productive meetings
like a pro

Learn how to gain stakeholder insights and use them to build relevant solutions. Become great at guiding productive project meetings with engaged colleagues and stakeholders.
The STUDIO.WHY learning gives you the tools to grow yourself
and your team.

Hundreds of participants recommend our programs
TBI - Innovatie coach
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"If you are experienced in innovation projects, this training is a big enrichment."
Chamin Hardeman
Chamin Hardeman
Mediaheads - Business Unit Manager
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"The atmosphere and energy of this training made us embrace the partnership we will grow stronger together"
Pieter-Jan Verfaillie
Pieter-Jan Verfaillie
Baloise - Innovation Consultant
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"The effort spent to transfer and adopt the methodology are the strengths of this training!"
Provincie Gelderland
Provincie Gelderland
Gelderland Education & Labor Market
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"STUDIO.WHY fulfills the role of our "driving instructor", and that is exactly what we wanted."
Royal Koopmans
Royal Koopmans
Sales & Marketing departments
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"Empathy leads to happy customers and better operations."

Do you want to learn more about ...

  • Facilitating teams to solve complex challenges?
  • Improve the way your organization creates real value for end users?
  • Get better in stakeholder management and team involvement?
  • Learn new approaches, tools and techniques to boost creativity?
  • Contribute to a culture of innovation within your organization? 

Your goals,
Your learning experience

Check out your possible roadmap below. Book a 30 min one-on-one with Kees if you are interested in one of the elements. Together with him you will find out if we have the program that meets your goals.

Scroll down to see our learning elements

This webinar is designed for people who want to know what STUDIO.WHY Design Thinking is and how it helps to solve complex challenges

This email course will be designed for people who want to extend their learning curve up front. You'll get familiar with the method, how it fits into other methods and you will learn tools that will make your next meeting more productive

Learn the method and approach to build cross functional/organizational collaborations that lead to business improvement

You are able to set up innovative projects and engaging meetings quickly and run them smoothly

You are able to switch between techniques to create customized sessions and feel confident to run effective team meetings and innovative projects with real results

We help you to involve your teammembers in this new way of working. Your'e not alone. We help you to let your teammembers and managers experience the added value.

What we deliver:

  • Teams that are able to apply a refreshing way to collaborate
  • Practice skills to achieve more results through less meetings
  • Achieve shared ownership in projects with multiple stakeholders
  • Team members that have more self confidence to facilitate project-teams on your own


  • Over 7,500 participants
  • Over 60 countries
  • More than 450 learning experiences
  • 5 up to 1,000 participants per session
  • As well as on location as remote

STUDIO.WHY delivers a positive learning experience, a vibrant energy in a safe environment. We focus on an entrepreneurial mindset.​