Help your teams grow with fewer project meetings and more results

Contribute to a culture of innovation. STUDIO.WHY have tools to work more cohesively across the organization and beyond. Gain stakeholder insights and build relevant solutions with productive project meetings.


Do you recognize these challenges?

  • How might we come up with innovative solutions as a team?
  • How might we improve the way people work together within and outside the organization?
  • How might we achieve shared ownership?
  • How might we utilize the talents within the team in a better way?
  • How might we achieve a better quality of work?

How did other organizations helped their teams grow?​

We know it is helpful to have some real examples of other organizations from different industries. 

Thats why we selected three cases to show you what they did to let their teams grow. 

The three cases:

  • Dutch Ministry of Defense | Complex stakeholder management
  • TBI (construction) | Set up of Innovation Coach Network to stimulate innovative behavior
  • Yuverta (school) | Experience the different ways of collaborating
Get inspired. Learn from other organizations

What we deliver:

  • Teams that are able to apply a refreshing way to collaborate
  • Practice skills to achieve more results through less meetings
  • Achieve shared ownership in projects with multiple stakeholders
  • Team members that have more self confidence to facilitate project-teams on your own


  • Over 7,500 participants
  • Over 60 countries
  • More than 450 learning experiences
  • 5 up to 1,000 participants per session
  • As well as on location as remote

STUDIO.WHY delivers a positive learning experience, a vibrant energy in a safe environment. We focus on an entrepreneurial mindset.​