Become an innovative organization by the motivated effort of your own people

Becoming an innovative organization that creates its own future requires you to collaborate powerful across organizational boundaries and unlock hidden growth opportunities faster. This is no easy task, but there are tried and true techniques for doing so.

And this is what you will learn more about in this post.

Principles for Building a High-Performance Innovation Team

Our expert team has written a short free course on the principles of starting an innovative movement within your projects and organization. Like Peter Drucker said: “Innovation is everybody’s job.” We totally agree with this quote, innovation should be for everyone indeed. And that is why our experts wrote this email course. We have learned lots of dos and don’ts related to this topic. This was made possible thanks to the more than 460 learning experiences we guided our 197 clients in.

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Organizational development examples

Imagine for a moment that your organization has unlimited access to new ideas, opportunities and ways of working. Imagine how successful you could be if you knew how to unlock new sources of growth and productivity. Imagine you had your own innovation coaches who are bridging the gap between the people who make stuff, people who market stuff and people who facilitate stuff. Or what if you had community builders who build a strong social learning community around your company’s learning. Achieving this is not just about strategy or thinking, it’s about integration, collaboration and transparency across organizational boundaries. So let us inspire you with this bite-sized free email course on the principles of starting an innovative movement through better collaboration. You’ll get 7 emails. 1 per day.

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  • How to check if your affairs are in order to make positive change happen?

  • How to avoid talents to leave your organization?

  • How to create collaborations across organization boundaries that leads to innovation?

  • How to start the positive change virus?

  • How to use modern collaboration tactics to unlock new sources of growth and productivity?

  • How to achieve more results with less meetings?

  • How to create light, regular and intense learning journeys that leads to a growth mindset?

  • How other organizations kickstarted their internal innovation network?

  • How to reach out successfully to employees, managers and decision makers and make them beg you to join change?

  • How to combine all the secrets into a roadmap blueprint to create an organization-wide growth mindset? (This includes playbooks and miroboards!)

“Innovation is everybody’s job.”

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