Collaborate effectively

Perhaps the most important part of your career is being able to work well together. During your work you have colleagues that you see every day and with whom you are constantly working. We are happy to explain how you can improve cooperation with your colleagues and move forward together!


What is collaboration?

Collaboration is seen as a process in which several people work on a task. You need each other, because you are all working towards the same goal with them. This can also be difficult at times, because everyone is different and has their own opinion. Collaboration is an important competency that many employers demand. So pay attention to this!


Improve collaboration with colleagues

When you set common goals as a team, you have something to work towards that keeps you motivated. Just make sure this is done together. Consult and set achievable goals that everyone supports and make sure that the goals are realistic. When the goal is supported by the whole team, there is a greater chance that the goal will be achieved!


Communication is one of the most important keys to good cooperation. This is important, so that you know exactly what everyone is doing and if they run into anything. To ensure that communication runs smoothly, always start with yourself. Make it clear to yourself what you want from someone else. If you don’t understand something because someone is communicating something in a different way, talk instead of getting annoyed.


Everyone is different and every colleague is different because they have a different view on certain things. Make sure that you use each other’s strengths and that you understand each other and take into account the differences. This ensures that you will grow as a team. The way you treat a colleague can sometimes cause misunderstanding. Then make sure that you adjust your behavior yourself to avoid conflicts.


Help from STUDIO.WHY

Would you like to improve collaboration, but are you not sure how best to approach this? STUDIO.WHY is happy to help realize good cooperation in the workplace. Please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the possibilities. Curious how we approach this? Then take part in our free webinarsfree email course or training courses.