What is empathy?

Empathy is having a strong empathy for another. There is always two or more people involved. The concept of empathy translates into someone who is empathetic. You live as a person in someone else’s situation and the feelings of others.


Empathy for the organization

In the first place, it is not important what the organization wants, it is what the stakeholders want. In the second place, it is about the question of which wishes suit the organization, can you meet them and what value does that provide for the organization. It is important for a stakeholder to feel heard. If the organization focuses on ideas that come from within, instead of focusing on solutions to actual problems, it can create friction. That is why you need to research the market and the needs of the stakeholders. If this has been properly researched, you can propose a correct solution. But if you haven’t explored the needs of the stakeholders you interact with, the focus is on the wrong needs. Thanks to empathy, you shift the focus from yourself to the other and organizations can reach their full potential.


Developing Empathic Ability

It is possible to develop your empathy. It has to do with how you position yourself, whether you show interest in people and connect with others.

We have listed a number of tips for you to develop your empathy:


More information

Do you want to know more about empathy? See how STUDIO.WHY tackles this. We have various free webinarsfree email course or training courses in which you can participate. Empathy for a better organization is only positive.