Empathy is all about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. You live in, you have a certain feeling and you also express it and you know how someone else can feel. It goes way beyond just being considerate of someone.


Empathy in the workplace

Unfortunately, one of the most frequently heard customers from employees is that their supervisor or co-workers lack empathy. Empathy can be powerful and valuable, especially in the workplace. Fortunately, it has been discussed lately and is not tolerated in most workplaces. Taking others into account is completely in line with the present times.


What can you do with empathy?

When you have an empathic ability, you recognize faster when something is wrong with someone. This can be when someone is frustrated or irritated. You can then give a good response to someone and with an empathic ability you can build a good relationship with people or colleagues. This also ensures that the workplace becomes more pleasant and the working atmosphere is more pleasant.


Developing Empathic Ability

Some have better empathy than others. Not everyone is born with it and for some it is difficult to learn. It has to do with a number of things, such as how you position yourself, whether you show an interest in people and the connection with others. To develop your empathy, we have listed a number of tips for you:


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