Since the corona crisis, online collaboration has become part of our ‘normal’ life. It is flexible, more mobile and sometimes it is necessary. It is more difficult for some teams to experience the same feeling of collaboration via a digital screen as in the real world.


What is collaboration?

Collaboration is not something you do alone, but with at least two people. You try to determine a common goal as a team and make good agreements about it. In order to make the agreements and to be able to fulfill them, trust within the team is important. Employers consider collaboration an important competency, so it is important to work on this.


Working method online collaboration

For the most part, you can continue to collaborate online in the same way that it would have gone offline. Roles, processes and other agreements can remain unchanged. However, there are other points of attention when you start working together online. We explain those points below:


STUDIO.WHY is happy to help

Online collaboration remains a challenge for some. Would you like to know more about online collaboration or the best way to do this? STUDIO.WHY organizes free webinarsfree email course or training courses in which you can participate. You can also contact us without obligation for questions or more information.