Working on innovations in education by applying Miro

What is miro

Miro is the online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to work effectively together, from brainstorming with digital sticky notes to planning and managing agile workflows.

With Miro, you can take advantage of a full set of collaboration capabilities, make cross-functional teamwork effortless, and organize meetings and workshops: use video chatpresentationsharing, and many other features.

Empower your design, development, and engineering teams to align and innovate in a platform that makes it all possible in real-time. Create concepts, map user stories or customer journeys, or conduct roadmap planning easily, enabling you to focus on delivering the right products for your customers.

And this is what you will learn more about in this post.

How to use Miro to solve educational challenges (in an innovative way)

In 2019, Miro hand-selected STUDIO.WHY as one of the consultants and agencies worldwide that can help companies solve their most difficult challenges.

Thus, for example, the municipality of Catalunya found us. With them we have created tools that these educational institutions could use more often to stimulate innovative behavior among young people.

We organized a fantastic hackathon for 600 students from multiple universities worldwide. The tools that have been developed are used by the universities today

Miro Expert hour by Mark Herberts

In March 2021 our colleague Mark Herberts shared his experiences in working on innovations in education through applying STUDIO.WHY Design Thinking and Miro.

STUDIO.WHY works together with the Dutch province of Gelderland to see if we can solve the challenge of the availability of sufficient amounts of teachers. Mark shares his experience during this program via this one hour online session.

You can view the recordings over here.

Bringing people in a flow to contribute to innovative solutions is much easier with Miro

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