Make Your Teams Agile

Join thousands of managers and employees around the globe who work with us on implementing an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset in their projects.

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Make Your Teams Agile

We help thousands of managers and employees to:

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This email course is for people who want to extend their learning curve and get inspired.

We are currently experimenting with the content and working on a prototype consisting of 20 lessons. Based on User Research of course 😉 Let us know what lessons could be valuable for you!

How we do it


With experiences and events we inspire and challenge you to adopt the contemporary way of working.


With our trainings and workshops you will practice skills and tools to unleash your entrepreneurial mindset.


With innovation sprints and programs we facilitate you to execute innovation in your real live context.


The actual automation of the new skills takes place in daily life. We support you in this by means of coaching.

To create a culture of innovation, one has to innovate its culture!

My colleagues were amazed about my energy levels at the end of the year. I believe it came from 3 days of Food Battle at STUDIO.WHY!
Marianna Kanakidi (Kraft Heinz Company), participant Food Battle ,
The articulation of the challenge is the foundation for a successful innovation project.
Dutch ministry of Justice & Security,
“Getting a maximum effect for children in the neighborhood with as little effort and as little cost as possible.” This is what we strived for and where we have now taken the first steps thanks to STUDIO.WHY Design Thinking
Brenda van de Vendel (Juul school), participant in the STUDIO.WHY Sprint.,
“If you are experienced in innovation projects, this training is a big enrichment.”
Innovation Coach,
“The atmosphere and energy of this training made us embrace the partnership we will grow stronger together”
Chamin Hardeman,
This approach helps us set our strategy as a team.
Nationale Nederlanden, Insurance Management,
“It was a very inspiring day, it really helps us as facilitators to do an even better job!”
Dutch Ministry of Finance, Hybrid working,
“STUDIO.WHY fulfills the role of our “driving instructor”, and that is exactly what we wanted.”
Gelderland Education & Labor Market,
“At high speed I stayed fascinated and learned so much!”
KPN, Introduction Design Thinking,
Organizing and executing an interactive webinar for 600 people.
“Empathy leads to happy customers and better operations.”
Royal Koopmans,
“The effort spent to transfer and adopt the methodology are the strengths of this training!”
Pieter-Jan Verfaillie,
“Innovation beyond the borders of schools in Gelderland, thanks to STUDIO.WHY!”
Liesbeth van Laar,
“Excellent facilitation and clear steps with this method.”
Rotterdam, awareness through LEGO Serious Play,
“Energized to make this project a blast and a great learning experience to embrace this way of innovating!”
Koos de Bie,
“The execution of the workshop was flawless and really opened up the topic of psychological safety for our organization.”
Simone Hein,
Amazing how well our coach was able to address the core issue of our teamwork and help us further.
RAI Amsterdam,
“This Innovation Game unleashes the creativity of each person.”
Fred van Toor,
“Making true connections made easy by colorful bricks.”

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