STUDIO.WHY believes that we can achieve more by working together. That is why we are proud to co-create with these organizations:


We are proud to be a global partner of Miro, an advanced online collaboration platform. We utilize Miro during our Sprints, Experiences & Events and Training. It is a good way to collaborate and make unfinished work visible and shareable.

Miro transformed from an sophisticated online whiteboard into a collaboration platform and grows very fast. STUDIO.WHY was selected as a member of the Miro Facilitator Advisory Panel and granted the title as Miro Expert. This gives us the opportunity to collaborate with Miro towards new functionalities for our customers.

We offer a webinar and training for those who want to benefit from these functionalities while boosting innovation and entrepreneurship.


One of the methods we use quite often makes most of our customers smile. Who can’t remember those endless days as a kid to play with LEGO? Now adults all over the world seriously play with LEGO. Whether it is about building a strategy, a project plan, a prototype or team building, the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method suits them all.

STUDIO.WHY is proud to have several certified facilitators in our team. We use this method as a part of our programs and training as well as dedicated workshops.

FORTH Innovation Method

We provide our trainers with as many skills as possible. Most of our trainers and coaches are trained and certified FORTH facilitators.

FORTH helps with a structured innovation approach to start innovation effectively, which combines both design thinking, creativity and business reality. The FORTH innovation methodology structures the chaotic start of innovation, creates 3-5 mini new business cases and fosters a culture for innovation in an expedition of 20 weeks. The deliverables of this innovation expedition are 3-5 mini new business cases for innovative concepts, which fit the ‘in the box’ reality of your organisation.


Shadowmatch is an online workforce optimization system that maps behavioral patterns, better known as habits. We as STUDIO.WHY have partnered with this tool to better understand our costumer’s current culture of innovation. This tool is an enabler to organize innovation team(s). STUDIO.WHY also has a team of certified Shadowmatch Coaches who can activate and/or coach various structured “personal development programs” with your team. These programs iterate the micro-actions to be taken by your team, ensuring the absorption and implementation of your innovation-effort. We can measure the cultural growth of an organization scientifically.