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De Rolf Groep – Training Innovation Coaches


De Rolf Groep is a group of companies that provides total solutions for childcare and education. As innovation is key to the organizations future, they were looking for a partner to help them adopt customer-centric mindsets and methodologies to constantly add value for their clients.

De Rolf Groep challenge
De Rolf Groep solution


In the beginning we started with a training for a rather large group to learn them the STUDIO.WHY Design Thinking methodology and along with a costumer-centric mindset. Following the training the trained group experiences the usability of the methodology during a variety of sprints.


Based on all the experience and progress the group has made a total of three employees who are trained in depth and coached so they become the facilitators of innovation programs within the organization. They have initiated their first projects to share the impact with others.

De Rolf Groep result

""The atmosphere and energy of this training made us embrace the partnership we will grow stronger together""

- Chamin Hardeman

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