Department of Justice & Security


The Dutch Department of Justice and Security works together with Start-ups and Scale-ups. As the language used at the department differs quite some from the language the Start-ups and Scale-ups use, there was a need for adjustment of the challenges issued by the department. This to describe them in a way that they articulate what the challenge owner needs and the start-ups and scale-ups understand what is meant.

Justice challenge
Justice solution


STUDIO.WHY was, among others, asked to come up with an approach. Based on our experience on how to articulate a challenge and help the commissioner to write this down in understandable writing we designed a flexible process to support the ministry. In this process we apply various tools and techniques to support the organization and adapt the way we do this as things change constantly. This way the ministry can cope with unforeseen developments and support innovation on various topics, while companies can contribute on these social topics.


STUDIO.WHY has issued a team of three facilitators to collaborate with the ministry to host workshops and support the process. This way we support the expected increase of the number of challenges that will be shared with the marketplace and enable the necessary flexibility.

Justice results

"The articulation of the challenge is the foundation for a successful innovation project."

- Dutch ministry of Justice & Security

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