Gelderland – narrowing the gap between education and the labor market


The Dutch province of Gelderland is determined to help closing the gap between education and the labor market. In a yearly program a theme will be selected and a program enrolled to facilitate this. STUDIO.WHY was selected as the partner for this program that initially will last for three years.

Gelderland challenge
Gelderland solution


In this partnership we recruit participants for a program where we assemble teams who take part in a series of masterclasses and workshops. We guide them through the steps of STUDIO.WHY Design Thinking. The solutions they come up with will be owned by the teams, so they can kick start their entrepreneurial career. At the same time we train and coach the staff of Gelderland so they will be able to conduct these kind of programs on their own.


The first year was about the teacher shortage in the province, the second year about digital literacy. These are all challenges that, if we solve them, will increase the opportunities for people on the labor market. In this program we use sprints and events to kickstart the program. The staff of Gelderland participated in a training course.

Gelderland results

""STUDIO.WHY fulfills the role of our "driving instructor", and that is exactly what we wanted.""

- Gelderland Education & Labor Market

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