Gemeente Veenendaal – Design Sprint


How can we ensure that all children in the neighborhood have equal development opportunities? This is the challenge that the municipality of Veenendaal, various primary schools and welfare organizations want to tackle.

Hoe kunnen we kinderen gelijke kansen geven?
Online Design Sprint


STUDIO.WHY designed a hybrid Design Sprint in which various parties worked together on a good solution to give all children in a certain neighborhood in the city equal opportunities. In the co-creation project, the participants are guided and trained by two trainers from STUDIO.WHY in the Design Thinking methodology so that they can go through the method themselves to research, brainstorm and form the perfect solution.


After a well-filled MIRO board with more than 500 post-its, a vision has been formed on organizing a good aid program for children in the neighbourhood. Through STUDIO.WHY Design Thinking, participants have gained insight into the most important factors that currently stand in the way of equal opportunities and demand for help. Together they brainstormed how they can remove the biggest obstacles, so that parents and children can ask for help in an accessible way and so that the development opportunities can be optimally used.

Resultaten online Design Sprint

"“Getting a maximum effect for children in the neighborhood with as little effort and as little cost as possible.” This is what we strived for and where we have now taken the first steps thanks to STUDIO.WHY Design Thinking "

- Brenda van de Vendel (Juul school), participant in the STUDIO.WHY Sprint.

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