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Ministry of Defence


Due to a capacity issue, 3 years ago the maintenance of material was moved externally. The contract stated that the ministry of defense would supply spare parts. Back then the process didn’t go as smoothly as desired, therefor defense employees were located on the external location to improve the process. This was a good solution for the situation 3 years ago, but is not maintainable. A structural and sustainable solution needed to be found for this complex problem.


A different approach than the standard of Defense. 2 innovationcoaches + a STUDIO.WHY facilitator were matched for a program of 3 sessions, 3 hours each. The first step was bringing the stakeholders together for a dialogue. Based on the most important common interests a communal vision for the process was developed. Which was worked out into a testable document. This document was the base for implementation.


By bringing together the different stakeholders for a dialogue, it became clear in what different ways you could look at the problem. Which lead to common needs and frictions, which in its turn lead to a communal vision. It showed who has what role in the process and what actions and interactions take place.
This vision was turned into concrete talking points which were used to talk to new stakeholders, who weren’t involved so far. Based on this information the team managed to create milestones. Each milestone had his own actions with stakeholders to execute the actions. All collected in a visual overview to show all the roles and processflows divided between stakeholder

Visie op onderhoud en herstel - Gemeenschappelijke visie - Blanco

"It was nice to be guided through a complicated search. STUDIO.WHY kept us on track constantly. Now, we have a common challenge owner and we really work together."

- Commissioner Ministery of Defense

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