Miro – interactive webinar


Being a Miro Expert Partner, STUDIO.WHY was invited to host a webinar for a community of Product Folks in India. This is a community of product managers who would like to know more about the utilization of Miro when conducting a sprint.

Miro result


Together with a specialist from Miro we prepared a webinar of in total 90 minutes. During the webinar the participants were invited to join us on a Miro board to experience themselves how easy it is to work together with many people this way. The participants worked on a small brainstorm aimed to help people in India who suffer from Covid-19 most. This way the webinar was not only a great learning, but also energy well spent!


Over 600 people registered for the webinar. They experienced how to work with Miro and learned from the lessons we learned regarding facilitating remote teams. After the webinar the participants were offered to register for the Miro Startup Program. Also some joined other webinars organized by STUDIO.WHY.

NN result

"Organizing and executing an interactive webinar for 600 people."

- Miro

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