Nationale Nederlanden Insurance – Shadowmatch


The team Risk Management of insurance company Nationale Nederlanden scheduled a session to focus on next years’ strategy. The goal for this session was to gain insights in team dynamics and how they could utilize these insights in achieving the shared goals.

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Prior to the session each team member conducted an online Shadow Match assessment. Based on the outcome one of our coaches facilitated a process to share both the insights on personal outcomes as well as the shared elements for the team. This helped the team utilizing the strengths and habits of different team members to achieve the goals for the upcoming year.


The team gained insights in their individual habits and how they can strengthen the way they cooperate. Everyone got their own profile report so during the months to come they can reuse the gained information.

Koopmans result

"This approach helps us set our strategy as a team."

- Nationale Nederlanden, Insurance Management

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