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Royal Koopmans -empathy for better business


Royal Koopmans is a manufacturer of food ingredients and Bakery products. Based on customer demands, the factory had to produce and stock many specialties, causing higher costs than desired. How can we change the way we serve our clients in a way that we still fulfill their needs without having so many specialties at the same time?

Koopmans challenge
Koopmans solution


We designed a training program with the focus on empathy. Marketing and sales professionals participated and got trained to develop a full understanding why many clients were demanding these custom made specialties. In this project we started to design a dashboard to gather all insights and develop solutions that would fulfill customers’ demands without creating too many specialties.


The team gained experience in having empathetic conversations with the customers and gaining insights in the reason why  specialties were needed. Also the development of the dashboard facilitated the team with an overview to manage the solutions provided and decrease the number of specialties to be delivered by the factory.

Koopmans result

""Empathy leads to happy customers and better operations.""

- Royal Koopmans

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