TBI – Program for Innovation Coaches


The Construction Industry has a lot of potential to innovate and fieldworkers often come up with the most amazing solutions. The main challenge is to develop these solutions into something that leads to actual new products or services. This is one of the main reasons TBI decided to invest in (the training of) Innovation Coaches. These are employees who are experienced in innovation projects and would also like to facilitate others.

TBI challenge
TBI Solution


In order to be able to work as a coach, the Innovation Coaches joined a program. The foundation was laid down by a three-day training where they were taught how to listen and ask questions as a coach. Also they got to know the STUDIO.WHY Design Thinking methodology to obtain a shared way of working and a shared language. Afterwards they took part in in-depth training sessions and peer-to-peer coaching, so they could learn from shared cases and discover what needed extra attention.


At this moment about 25 Innovation Coaches are trained and apply what they have learned in various ways. Some facilitate colleagues in the development of new innovations. Others have applied the methodology themselves. Furthermore a network of Innovation Coaches has arisen, one that facilitates more exchange and connections between subsidiary companies of TBI.

TBI result

""If you are experienced in innovation projects, this training is a big enrichment.""

- Innovation Coach

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