Vebego – Strategy Building with LEGO


The senior leadership of an organization can hardly lead if they don’t know what is happening across the organization. Vebego, a large family owned facility service company, was looking for a way to boost interaction between senior leaders and future leaders in the organization and create a shared foundation to interact more closely.

Vebego challenge
Vebego solution


STUDIO.WHY facilitated the participants with two evenings at our studio. After a short introduction by the head of HR the participants were split up in teams and shared visions and obstacles to carry out the strategy. This was done via a LEGO® Serious Play® workshop. After this session they were invited to a cozy restaurant next door where couples of senior leadership and future leadership sat at small tables for dinner to get to know each other even better and pave the way to share various perspectives more often.


The evening lasted longer than planned, as the participants enjoyed it so much. The combination of the LEGO session and the dinner created such an atmosphere that it became easy to speak up and truly make the connection.

Vebego result

""Making true connections made easy by colorful bricks.""

- Vebego

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