Yuverta – Hackathon Information Provisioning


Yuverta (or Helicon Education as it was called back then) struggled with the way they could keep their students informed. The existing intranet did not fulfill the needs of students, parents and teachers well enough. How might we make the intranet future-proof, so our stakeholders consume the available information more easily?

Yuverta challenge
Yuverta solution


STUDIO.WHY organized a three day hackathon for 60 participants, partly teachers, students and staff from Yuverta (formerly known as Helicon), partly from a wide variety of companies. During this hackathon the participants worked in 12 teams on 4 different challenges, supported by trained facilitators from Helicon and experienced coaches of STUDIO.WHY.


The teams came up with a wide variety of solutions. In order to do so the teams had to validate their concepts with the target audience. It paved the way for a future proof distribution of information. The hackathon was a great success. STUDIO.WHY was asked to facilitate other projects afterwards.

Yuverta result

""Energized to make this project a blast and a great learning experience to embrace this way of innovating!""

- Koos de Bie

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