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STUDIO.WHY Sprints are action-oriented experiences, where participants together achieve results within a new reality. Now online and hybride working have become the new normal and the need for innovation has grown, we facilitate Remote STUDIO.WHY Sprints too.

Our STUDIO.WHY Sprints last from 8 to 30 hours and are divided in multiple sessions over a period of time up to 3 weeks. Within 8 hours we will gain surprising insights and turn them into potential and innovative solutions. Within 30 hours it is possible to come up with validated prototypes that are ready for experimentation. The amount of hours punt into the sprint determine the result.

We benefit form the Miro platform while executing our Remote STUDIO.WHY Sprints. STUDIO.WHY is proud to be selected as a member of Miro’s Facilitator Advisory Board.

If you would like to know more about how we carry out our STUDIO.WHY Sprints, join one of our free webinars.

Besides you can join a remote training on how to prepare a sprint on Miro.

“Getting a maximum effect for children in the neighborhood with as little effort and as little cost as possible.” This is what we strived for and where we have now taken the first steps thanks to STUDIO.WHY Design Thinking
Brenda van de Vendel (Juul school), participant in the STUDIO.WHY Sprint.,
“The atmosphere and energy of this training made us embrace the partnership we will grow stronger together”
Chamin Hardeman,
“It was a very inspiring day, it really helps us as facilitators to do an even better job!”
Dutch Ministry of Finance, Hybrid working,


A STUDIO.WHY Sprint is always custom made. If you want to know more and what we can do for you, please contact us. We’re happy to assist you!

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