Marjoleijn Felius

Hi, I’m Marjoleijn from Vlissingen (Zeeland) where I grew up in a catering family where hospitality and helping people was the standard in our household. Making sure that people feel seen and heard is very important to me and is something I am committed to in various ways. With STUDIO.WHY I help organizations with Service […]

Laurie Mabelis

“Learning and exploring is very important for organizations and their employees. I believe the best way of learning is to make it fun! That’s why I see it as my personal mission to transform every training into a real learning experience!”

Marcella van Eijndhoven

“Hi there! My name is Marcella, mother of a fantastic son, girlfriend of my great partner. But also a daughter, sister, friend, colleague, salsa dancer, sportbuddy, and all kinds of others rolls I take during the day to day rush. And this is also how I would describe myself; people’s person who is sometimes somewhat […]

Mark Herberts

“Hi there! My name is Mark, 37 years old, and within STUDIO.WHY Netherlands I am one of the crew members. My role as crew member contains mostly sales, business development and facilitator. Spotting opportunities, creating the future and realizing the unknown. In my personal life I have an amazing little girl at home, of 1,5 […]

Kees Froeling

“I am an enterprising networker who actively connects people. I help people to get moving, see connections and create opportunities, both individually and in teams. Through the combination of practical experience and my ability to establish and maintain new relationships, I also find new ways to find solutions in difficult situations. My clients appreciate me […]