Tereza Kostlánová

Hello! My name is Tereza and I’m a student of Social Psychology Master’s degree at Radboud University Nijmegen. I’m originally from Czech Republic, but during my Erasmus exchange and fell in love with the Netherlands, or the city of Nijmegen to be more specific, and I am currently living here for 3 years, and I […]

Benjo van den Boogaard

“We will either find a way or create one!” – Hanibal Change is all around. What ‘makes’ or ‘breaks’ in this new society is whether you are capable to continually rethink and reinvent, as fast as the world is changing around you. That’s why creativity and entrepreneurship has moved to centre stage everyones life. “To […]

Michiel Bloemendaal

“Hi my name is Michiel. I want to help people in having the feeling that they will always be of added value to a world that is constantly changing. People that, all of the sudden, became a problem owner of a complex problem. I want to help them understand the approach of a problem solving […]

Kees Froeling

“I am an enterprising networker who actively connects people. I help people to get moving, see connections and create opportunities, both individually and in teams. Through the combination of practical experience and my ability to establish and maintain new relationships, I also find new ways to find solutions in difficult situations. My clients appreciate me […]