Benjo van den Boogaard

“We will either find a way or create one!” – Hanibal Change is all around. What ‘makes’ or ‘breaks’ in this new society is whether you are capable to continually rethink and reinvent, as fast as the world is changing around you. That’s why creativity and entrepreneurship has moved to centre stage everyones life. “To […]

Marilda Wiegand

I live in South Africa on a Nature Reserve that is part of the Greater Kruger National Park. It is a critical part of my day to sit outside and feel the heat and wind, to hear the birds and to watch animals from squirrels to elephants go about their business. We have so much […]

Sunet Wagner

I have 20 years’ experience in business design, from working with start-up entrepreneurs to corporate companies. My experience has taught me that bold organisations are subject to bold teams. I assist organisations with building their business and staff congruently. It is about taking those micro-actions and balancing operational excellence with innovation excellence. I will help […]