We make a positive impact by contributing to an inspiring workplace in which collaboration and movement arise

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“You manage the well-known with knowledge. You control the unknown with skills. You control the unpredictable with mindset!”


Innovation = Learning

As a partner who learns others to innovate, our biggest lesson from the past 10 years is this:

“The transformative power of entrepreneurial behavior keeps employees and organizations relevant in the future.”

And trust us, this isn’t about making money or implementing innovations.This is about believing that the future is not predicted, but that it was created!

It means people who are continuously looking for added value for the internal and external customer.

This can be learned and that is why you are challenged in all our programs to continuously learn, solve problems creatively, remain empathetic and collaborate smartly.

Whether you follow a video course in creative thinking, experience a hybrid sprint together with your team or set up a learning program in which various employees become a network of internal innovation coaches.

Our products enrich careers and change lives. We empower people with innovative and entrepreneurial skills, tools and mindsets.

We inspire a proactive learning culture.

Vision on culture

By learning as a team how to deliver added value to the internal and external customer, you continuously respond to changes and developments in your environment. Often this means: execution is power, but having the culture to validate quickly, learn fast and adapt rapidly is much more important. We need problem solvers that are seeking for result without losing their empathetic ability. They make a positive impact by creating an inspiring workplace in which cooperation and movement arise. They do this by challenging the current status quo of solving complex problems and showing real results from new and modern ways.

Vision on learning

You learn by far the most with hands on experiences. It enables you to discover and refine work-related skills, make decisions, meet challenges and communicate with relevant and influential stakeholders such as bosses, colleagues and customers.

That is why we stimulate everyone’s growth mindset through challenge-based learning. In this way innovation becomes a success, learning remains fun and you remain relevant.

Our mission

Our mission is to make people indispensable to any job in the future, simply because they know how to create value for others.

We are proud ...

  • We developed the first Design Thinking Curriculum in the Netherlands for a High School. Youngsters are now learning how to create value for others!
  • We developed an internal pool of 350 innovation coaches within the Dutch Ministry of Defence. They are now working on social innovations.
  • We support the governmental department of education of Catalonia to develop tools and systems to work successfully on innovation within the education system. Teachers and students learn how they can innovate their schools.
  • We changed the lives of lots of our community of 7500 intrapreneurs and participants. Some even started their own company because they believed they saw a chance to create value for others. We have seen startups like impact farmers, medicine residues in water fighters, someone who took a chance in the fast-growing demand for bamboo and a genius mind that now successfully brings together new education with creative teachers and fun primary schools.
  • We were hand-selected by Miro as one of there worldwide Expert Partners in Hybrid collaboration. Organizations are able to collaborate smartly.
  • We help the government of Guadalajara in Mexico to teach underprivileged youth how to create value for their local environment. We hope to be able to help these young people to build something themselves!

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