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High Performing Teams lead to innovation and employee engagement
Culture of Innovation

More collaboration. More entrepreneurship. And more innovative results. 

We train people all over the world to innovate smartly together. You will learn proven tactics that contribute to an inspiring workplace where productive collaboration and positive movement arise across organizational boundaries.

Delivered Learning Experiences
Trained Employees
Coached Leaders
TBI - Innovation coach
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"If you are experienced in innovation projects, this training is a big enrichment."
Chamin Hardeman
Chamin Hardeman
Mediaheads - Business Unit Manager
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"The atmosphere and energy of this training has made us embrace our partnership even more. Together we become even stronger!"
Pieter-Jan Verfaillie
Pieter-Jan Verfaillie
Baloise - Innovation Consultant
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"The effort spent to transfer and adopt the methodology are the strengths of this training!"
Province of Gelderland
Province of Gelderland
Gelderland Education & Labor Market
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"STUDIO.WHY fulfills the role of our "driving instructor", and that is exactly what we wanted."
Royal Koopmans
Royal Koopmans
Sales & Marketing departments
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"Empathy leads to happy customers and better operations."
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Does your team already have the entrepreneurial and innovative mindset?

🤝 Innovative and entrepreneurial people collaborate across organizational boundaries to create value for others. 

💥 They solve real problems for any client, community, team or boss and that’s how they innovate & make impact.

🏕 They unlock hidden sources of growth and productivity 

📣 They help their team or organization to become indispensable in any challenge.

🎓 They learn continuously, validate fast and adapt to change rapidly.

👑 They achieve business goals & listen to the voice of the customer at the same time.

💼 They will always have work, and don’t have to be afraid of the rapidly changing world

😎 They continue to matter in the future!

We help you to make a difference at work!

We believe in your ability to create a difference. If you believe in yourself too then join our global movement of 7500+ innovators challenging the status quo of organizational culture with our tools and strategies

Would you like to experience personal growth and development?

Our mission is to make people indispensable to any job in the future, simply because they know how to create value for others.

STUDIO.WHY gives free webinarsfree email courses or training  sessions that you can follow! Discover whether there is a suitable training for you. Do you have questions or do you want to know more? Please contact us here

Update: 25th of June​

Becoming an innovative organization that creates its own future requires you to collaborate powerful across organizational boundaries and unlock hidden growth opportunities faster. This is no easy task, but there are tried and true techniques for doing so.

How? Our expert team has written a short free course on the principles of starting an innovative movement within your projects and organization. Like Peter Drucker said: “Innovation is everybody’s job.” We totally agree with this quote, innovation should be for everyone indeed. And that is why our experts wrote this email course. We have learned lots of dos and don’ts related to this topic. This was made possible thanks to the more than 460 learning experiences we guided our 197 clients in.


Imagine for a moment that your organization has unlimited access to new ideas, opportunities and ways of working. Imagine how successful you could be if you knew how to unlock new sources of growth and productivity. Imagine you had your own innovation coaches who are bridging the gap between the people who make stuff, people who market stuff and people who facilitate stuff. Or what if you had community builders who build a strong social learning community around your company’s learning. Achieving this is not just about strategy or thinking, it’s about integration, collaboration and transparency across organizational boundaries. So let us inspire you with this bite-sized free email course on the principles of starting an innovative movement through better collaboration. You’ll get 7 emails. 1 per day.

Join the 100% free email course below and benefit from our 7 Insider DOS & DON’TS 

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Thanks to 197 leaders and over 7500 employees ...

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  1. How to check if your affairs are in order to make positive change happen?
  2. How to avoid talents to leave your organization?
  3. How to create collaborations across organization boundaries that leads to innovation?
  4. How to start the positive change virus?
  5. How to use modern collaboration tactics to unlock new sources of growth and productivity?
  6. How to achieve more results with less meetings?
  7. How to create light, regular and intense learning journeys that leads to a growth mindset?
  8. How other organizations kickstarted their internal innovation network?
  9. How to reach out successfully to employees, managers and decision makers and make them beg you to join change?
  10. How to combine all the secrets into a roadmap blueprint to create an organization-wide growth mindset? (This includes playbooks and miroboards!)

This free email course will inspire you to become an innovative, high-performing organization. It contains 7 lessons that will show you how to unlock new sources of growth and productivity in any organization or project. The 7 secrets are as simple as they are effective

This course was made possible thanks to:   461 Learning Experiences   | 197 Organizations |  7,568 Participants |

Snackable Lessons

In the 10 minute breaks you have somewhere in your busy day, you will be able to learn about social innovation. 


Checklist for growth
Strategies to avoid
Tactics that engage
Real Examples 
Must reads
Talent Magnet Template 
Blueprint (worth 1000 euros)

Why do we do this?

We believe the world needs more collaboration and innovation to move forward.

We like to share. 

To create a culture of innovation, one has to innovate its culture!

We should invite STUDIO.WHY to the global meeting in Florida, so other regions can benefit from this great workshop too.
Staff member IAAPA EMEA,
My colleagues were amazed about my energy levels at the end of the year. I believe it came from 3 days of Food Battle at STUDIO.WHY!
Marianna Kanakidi (Kraft Heinz Company), participant Food Battle ,
The articulation of the challenge is the foundation for a successful innovation project.
Dutch ministry of Justice & Security,
“Getting a maximum effect for children in the neighborhood with as little effort and as little cost as possible.” This is what we strived for and where we have now taken the first steps thanks to STUDIO.WHY Design Thinking
Brenda van de Vendel (Juul school), participant in the STUDIO.WHY Sprint.,
“If you are experienced in innovation projects, this training is a big enrichment.”
Innovation Coach,
“The atmosphere and energy of this training made us embrace the partnership we will grow stronger together”
Chamin Hardeman,
This approach helps us set our strategy as a team.
Nationale Nederlanden, Insurance Management,
“It was a very inspiring day, it really helps us as facilitators to do an even better job!”
Dutch Ministry of Finance, Hybrid working,
“STUDIO.WHY fulfills the role of our “driving instructor”, and that is exactly what we wanted.”
Gelderland Education & Labor Market,
“At high speed I stayed fascinated and learned so much!”
KPN, Introduction Design Thinking,
Organizing and executing an interactive webinar for 600 people.
“Empathy leads to happy customers and better operations.”
Royal Koopmans,
“The effort spent to transfer and adopt the methodology are the strengths of this training!”
Pieter-Jan Verfaillie,
“Innovation beyond the borders of schools in Gelderland, thanks to STUDIO.WHY!”
Liesbeth van Laar,
“Excellent facilitation and clear steps with this method.”
Rotterdam, awareness through LEGO Serious Play,
“Energized to make this project a blast and a great learning experience to embrace this way of innovating!”
Koos de Bie,
“The execution of the workshop was flawless and really opened up the topic of psychological safety for our organization.”
Simone Hein,
Amazing how well our coach was able to address the core issue of our teamwork and help us further.
RAI Amsterdam,
“This Innovation Game unleashes the creativity of each person.”
Fred van Toor,
“Making true connections made easy by colorful bricks.”