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ROC A12 – Agile Schools


A group of schools in the Netherlands saw the need to make the schools more agile, in which teachers felt supported to invest and develop themselves. In order to achieve this, teachers need to look at their job from a different perspective. Due to the impact of home-schooling, teachers need to get new energy from work in order to achieve new results.

ROC A12 challenge
ROC A12 solution


STUDIO.WHY developed in close cooperation with the commissioner various  strong and meaningful sessions to design this new way of working. STUDIO.WHY offered a tailor made program of coaching, so ROC A12 is able to support and activate her own staff.


STUDIO.WHY supported various sessions by coaching and co-creation for both small and large groups. We acted as a sparring-partner,  prior to and after the sessions. This way people at ROC A12 learned how they could prepare and facilitate these kind of sessions on their own in the future.

ROC A12 results

""Innovation beyond the borders of schools in Gelderland, thanks to STUDIO.WHY!""

- Liesbeth van Laar

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