Collaborate To Innovate

Shared Vision Development for IAAPA


The International Association of Amusement Parks Attractions (IAAPA) is an organization that excels in operational excellence. The team that runs IAAPA EMEA has great ideas and strong events that are organized throughout the year. When a question comes to the table a practical solution is being thought of. Many of these ideas are being worked out and some of them are realized and some of them aren’t.

IAAPA EMEA desired a more thought out plan of what they are working for. Where
do we want to go to in the coming five years? What else can we do? What are we
doing this for? This vision or horizon needs to be carried by the whole team and
preferably created by the whole team. Everyone is in this together. A vision
created by one person is not a strong vision, a vision created by a team has great
chances of success.

STUDIO.WHY was asked to produce a session that helps the IAAPA create a
horizon or vision.

Rotterdam LSP solution


At the Liseberg Theme Park in Goteborg Sweden, we gathered with all team members. The team participated in a full day workshop that started with exploring opportunities and trends and created directions of opportunities based on this.

The opportunities and trends gathered in the first half of the day were the base for
the second half. How do you want to make an impact with these opportunities?
What is your ambition if you could use these trends? The team was split into two groups, each working with LEGO® Serious Play®.


The workshops facilitated open en personal communications among the team members. Not only a shared vision was delivered, also obstacles were addressed and actions initiated to tackle them.

Both groups shred their insights with the other half, leading to shared understanding and priorities. Besides a lot of laughter. the participants experiences psychological safety to speak out loud and listen to each other. This paved the way of even stronger collaboration during the years to come.


Prototyping with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

"We should invite STUDIO.WHY to the global meeting in Florida, so other regions can benefit from this great workshop too."

- Staff member IAAPA EMEA

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