Agile methods

Agile, also known as flexible. It is a way of thinking, working and organizing. This allows an organization to respond quickly and effectively to developments and changes. Of course, the well-being of the employees comes first, but customer satisfaction also plays an important role.

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The agile methods

When is an organization agile? The growth of an agile organization is called an agile transformation. Below we explain four important methods for working as agile as possible as an organization.

1.Flexible Strategy

Set a clear goal as an organization. You exist and you know why, but that is no longer predictable in the long term. Rapid changes are taking place in the world that requires you to have a flexible strategy so that you can respond to any situation. You can draw up this flexible strategy with all parts of the organization.

2. Multidisciplinary teams

In addition to a flexible strategy, you don’t have departments, but teams. These teams like to act quickly and independently and want to get better. If this team wants to work together in a good way, the organizations agree on a clear working method. It is important that organizations can support their teams as best as possible. They work according to the principles of agile leadership.

3. Short Cycles

To achieve positive results as an organization, it is important to have a fixed rhythm. In the short term, teams can then achieve something for the customer and learn from it. This can happen over a period of one to three weeks. In the beginning you will receive directions from clients and indicated a direction on how to proceed. At the end of the cycle, they provide feedback on the results. That is why you must be able to adjust quickly and not set up detailed plans.

4. Visual work

In order to see at a glance how the project is progressing as a team, you have to share all information and make it visible to everyone. This way you get the best result. Lego Serious play is a very good method for this! It will help you to create group knowledge and understanding to overcome misunderstandings.

Agile working with STUDIO.WHY

Applying the agile approach in your organization takes time. STUDIO.WHY is happy to help you! Would you like more information about this? Then take part in our free webinarsfree email course or training courses. We are happy to be there for you!

"The growth of an agile organization is called an agile transformation."

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