Is hybrid working a good thing?

The new way of working, also known as hybrid working. We are increasingly going to the office, but many people are going to combine this with working from home. Hybrid working means flexible choice of location where your work takes place. Not only has corona contributed to this change of the modern workplace, but also the digital possibilities. In addition to being forced to work completely from home, tools such as Teams, Google Meets and Zoom became extremely popular.

And this is what you will learn more about in this post.

The changes

It turns out that we can do a lot of work from anywhere: at home, at the office, on the road or online. Not everything works, because many activities require live contact with people. Let your choice of location depend on the task required so that you are not in the same room as others. Improvise and consult internally. Also consider approaching collaboration in a different way.

Hybrid working gives us the opportunity to think bigger than usual in the garden and space. Offices will remain, but the functionality and layout will adapt. It means a combination of fixed physical meeting spaces, flex workplaces that you can book, home offices and virtual work environments with super-fast WiFi everywhere.


What does this mean for organizations?

Many employers do not know what part-office and part-home working means for the organization. Should lunches be cancelled? Reduced the travel allowance or a work-from-home allowance instead? Or how you deal with information security, for example. As an employer, it is important to formulate a protocol so that you can keep a grip on your employees and what exactly you expect from them. When the communication is well organized in this, the work can be carried out even better.


Always in touch

Make sure that when your employees partly work from home, contact is maintained. Despite the fact that they are at the office the other days and you see them face-to-face, video calling is not a bad idea at all. For example, hold a morning meeting, in which it is explained what the planning is for the day or, at the end of the day, what has been done and completed.


More information

Would you like to know more about hybrid working and how STUDIO.WHY approaches this or advises your organization? You can contact us without obligation to discuss the possibilities. You can also join our webinars or email course for free or participate in our training courses.

Offices will remain, but the functionality and layout will adapt.

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