Dutch Ministry of Finance


The Audit Department of the Dutch Ministry of Finance (ADR) holds 20 facilitators. On a regular basis the facilitators get trained and inspired. This time STUDIO.WHY was asked to come up with a one day program regarding the facilitation of remote sessions. Therefor, this day should also be done remotely.

ADR solution


STUDIO.WHY offered a one day Sprint. During this sprint the participants could work on an actual challenge of the organization. At the same time experiencing how we conduct such a sprint and what tools and techniques we use. This form of action learning was well received.


The participants gained insights on how to conduct a remote sprint. They learned new techniques and why we do things the way we do them. The group was enthusiastic about how we utilize tools such as Miro and Spatial Chat. Some of them already experienced the way we facilitate face-to-face sessions, now valuable lessons were added.

ADR result

""It was a very inspiring day, it really helps us as facilitators to do an even better job!""

- Dutch Ministry of Finance, Hybrid working

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