What is Agile?

Agile stands for agile, nimble and flexible. It enables an organization to respond quickly and effectively to developments and changes. The well-being of employees and healthy business results are paramount in this respect, and of course also customer satisfaction.

There are eight techniques to create agile within yourself:


  1. Develop your mindset;

    Keep evolving and embrace change. You are far from finished learning and try to stay interested in changes.

  2. Learn less;

    Embrace the new techniques, because there is an overkill of information that you can’t remember all of it.

  3. Learn new thinking models;

    Use memory techniques for new thinking models.

  4. Be aware of the unconscious;

    Unconscious knowledge is often about knowledge or insights that you have gained through experiences. It is therefore important to become aware of this and to think more slowly about some of the prejudices that you have yourself.

  5. Learn to Forget;

    Look for information that confirms your thoughts.

  6. Work out loud;

    Train your brain by doing memory exercises. You are actively sharing with others, but also developing your ideas. This way you ensure that valuable relationships are created.

  7. Rapid failure;

    Research, test and learn a lot. Convert certain ideas into prototypes. Failure is part of this and is normal. Accept that too.

  8. Learn to reflect yourself;

    Use moments, such as drinking coffee, taking a shower or driving a car, as a short reflection and check with yourself what can I improve or what have I done well.


Agile training by STUDIO.WHY

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